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    18 Month Bible Reading Plan: Month 1 Day 1 Genesis 1 John 1

    Genesis 1 Observations Genesis 1:1 Who is YAHUAH? The Creator. There is none other beside Him. This is the first and foremost Truth to know about YAHUAH. This is plainly stated in Genesis 1:1. The rest of the chapter gives details of creation of which YAHUAH is the one and

    18 Month Bible Reading Plan: Month 1 Day 2 Genesis 2 John 2

    Genesis 2 Observations Genesis 2 YAHUAH is the Provider. He is not simply a provider—one of several different providers. Instead, He is the one and only provider. Genesis 2 shows several ways that YAHUAH is the provider. Genesis 2:1-3 YAHUAH provided for creation which includes man to have a day

    18 Month Bible Reading Plan: Month 1 Day 4

    Genesis 4 Observations Genesis 4:13-15 YAHUAH is merciful.   John 4 Observations  John 4:4 We can see that the woman of Samaria in John 4 was clearly a seeker of truth, though she had gotten off track. Perhaps her desire for truth was the reason that YAHUSHA specifically came to

    18 Month Bible Reading Plan: Month 1 Day 5 Genesis 5, 6 and John 5

    Genesis 5 Observations Genesis 5 The generations of man. An interesting study would be to look up the meaning of the names of the individuals in the genealogy. When doing the Bible readings for the Youtube channel, I use a little book called, The Self-Pronouncing Bible Dictionary. It gives the

    18 Month Bible Reading Plan: Month 1 Day 6 Genesis 7 and 8

    Observations Genesis 7 Observations Genesis 7:1 YAHUAH is All-Knowing. He saw all that was about Noah. Likewise, He sees us. But the very hairs of your head are all numbered. Matthew 10:30 To the chief Musician, A Psalm of David. O LORD, thou hast searched me, and known me. Thou

    18 Month Bible Reading Plan: Month 1 Day 7 Genesis 9 and 10

    Genesis 9 Observations Genesis 9 YAHUAH is the Elohim of covenant. He is the covenant keeping Elohim. He is the only Elohim that keeps covenant. He is the true covenant keeper. The wicked one also makes covenants. He tricks humans into making covenants with him. But he never upholds his

    18 Month Bible Reading Plan: Month 1 Day 8 Genesis 11 and 12

    Genesis 11 Observations  Genesis 11:6 Concerning the Tower of Babel, YAH said these words, “…which they have imagined to do.” I once looked up all the references to imagination/imagined in the Bible. I was shocked to discover that only one time out of seventeen instances are these words associated with

    18 Month Bible Reading Plan: Month 1 Day 9 Genesis 13 and 14

    Genesis 13 Observations Genesis 13 Who is YAHUAH? Genesis 13:17 Arise = H6965   and        Walk=H1980 Genesis 14 Observations Genesis 14:15 Abraham smote them by night. Much warfare takes place at night where the enemy prefers to work under the cover of darkness. Genesis 14:20 Who is YAHUAH? YAHUAH is

    18 Month Bible Reading Plan: Month 1 Day 11 Genesis 17 and John 7

    Genesis 17 Observations  Genesis 17:2,4 Who is YAHUAH? He is the Elohim who keeps covenant. This whole chapter shows YAH as the Elohim of covenant. Genesis 17 John 7 Name Change Circumcision The Promise is Born Feast of Tabernacles Failed Arrest Division John 7 Observations Disclaimer I invite you

    18 Month Bible Reading Plan: Month 1 Day 12 Genesis 18 and 19

    Genesis 18 Observations Gensis 18:14 Who is YAHUAH? YAHUAH is Almighty! Nothing is too hard for him. Perhaps YAHUSHA was referencing this verse when he said all things are possible with Elohim. But YAHUSHA beheld them, and said unto them, With men this is impossible; but with Elohim all things

    18 Month Bible Reading Plan: Month 1 Day 13 Genesis 20, 21 and John 8

    Genesis 20 Observations Who is Yahuah? He is Protector. Genesis 21 Observations Genesis 21:1 YAHUAH is true to His Word. Genesis 21:2 Another Example of YAH being on a set/appointed time. Genesis 21:25-26 No covenant relationship without the understanding that all parties can honestly and righteously rebuke each other. Genesis

    18 Month Bible Reading Plan: Month 1 Day 14 Genesis 22 and 23

    Genesis 22 Observations Genesis 22:5 Abraham equated worship with sacrifice. Genesis 22:7 Isaac’s question showed that Abraham had taught his son the ways of YAH. Genesis 22:9 Abraham had an appointment with YAH. “And they came to the place which Elohim had told him of; and Abraham built an altar

    18 Month Bible Reading Plan: Month 1 Day 15 Genesis 24

    Genesis 24 Observations Genesis 24 Eliezer was a wise and faithful servant Your Observations I invite you to comment below with additional observations from your reading. Disclaimer Please, please comment below if you see ANYTHING that is contrary to Scripture that I have presented in these Scripture Observations. I want

    18 Month Bible Reading Plan: Month 1 Day 16 Genesis 25 and 26

    Genesis 26 Observations Genesis 26:3, 23 YAHUAH is the covenant keeper. YAHUAH is covenantal. Genesis 26:12-14 YAHUAH is Provider. Genesis 26:3, 12 Compare Mark 10:30 “…with persecutions.” Notice the connection. YAH said to stay “in this land.” Then He went on to say, “I will be with thee, and will

    18 Month Bible Reading Plan: Month 1 Day 17 Genesis 27 and John 9

    John 9 Observations John 9:13-34 YAHUSHA healed the blind man on the Sabbath Day and was therefore reviled for allegedly “breaking” (violating) the Sabbath Day. Yet, these same religious leaders themselves violated the Sabbath Day by conducting a kangaroo court and interrogating this man and his parents on the Sabbath

    18 Month Bible Reading Plan: Month 1 Day 18 Genesis 28, 29, 30

    Genesis 28 Genesis 29 Genesis 30 Blessed and Charged Esau’s Spitefulness He Has a Dream Seven Years Tricking the “Trickster” Unrequited Love Give Me Children!!!! Maids and Mandrakes Prosperity for Thy Sake Genesis 28 Observations  Genesis 28:2 Laban dealt subtly with Jacob in Haran on several occasions. The most notable

    18 Month Bible Reading Plan: Month 1 Day 20 Genesis 32, 33 and John 11

    Genesis 32 Observations Genesis 32:1-2 Jacob experienced a supernatural encounter with the hosts of YAH. Assuredly, they were seen by him as having good intentions from YAH toward him. Yet, a few verses later (6 and 7), Jacob was afraid of Esau’s coming toward him with 400 men. Instantly gone