Ho, Ho, Ho, No, No, No… 25 Questions to Ask about Christmas

I was looking through old journals recently and came across these questions about Christmas that I thought about back in 2010. This is five years after I stopped celebrating Christmas and three years before becoming Torah pursuant. Even before crossing over into Torah, I had serious misgivings about this holiday. Here are the 25 questions to ask about Christmas.

1. Who has the power and authority to make one day over another qodesh (holy)?

2. Do we, mankind, have the spiritual authority to pronounce Christmas as a qodesh (holy) day?

3. Why is Christmas on December 25th if the Messiah was not born then?

4. Who established December 25th as the day to celebrate the birth of the Messiah when he was not born on that day?

5. Why was another day not chosen to celebrate the birth of the Messiah?

6. Why are Christmas trees erected in churches and on church grounds?

7. Christmas trees look eerily like an obelisk. How are are they related?

8. If gifts are given on Christmas because the “3” wise men gave gifts to the Messiah, then why are not the same appreciating gifts such as gold given instead of trinkets of depreciating gift items?

9. Is there a connection between the words of the Prophet Jeremiah in Jeremiah 10 and Christmas?

10. Was Christmas outlawed in the United States of America at one time?

11. Why did the Father in His Word obscure the details of the date and time of the Messiah’s birth while going into detail about his death, burial, resurrection and ascension?

12. Why are we not told explicitly to celebrate Christmas as we are told about baptism, marriage, the Biblical Feast days, etc.?

13. Why is there an inordinate amount of sadness and despair around Christmas time?

14. Is it just a coincidence that the letters of Santa can be rearranged to spell Satan?

15. If the Messiah is the reason for the season, then why do people not embrace celebrating Christmas as much after a major change in the family structure such as the death of parents, break up of the home or the children no longer in the house? Seems as if the celebration of Christmas should continue with fervency because the Messiah is supposed to be the reason for the celebration and not the presence of the family members.

16. Why are parents fearful that their children will be harmed or miss out on something if they do not give them more stuff for Christmas? Would children remain as enthusiastic about Christmas if they were to not receive presents for Christmas?

17. Did the Apostles of the Messiah and the early saints celebrate Christmas?

18. If the world hates Jesus, then is it not odd that the world wholeheartedly embraces Christmas which is supposedly the celebration of the birth of Jesus?

19. Why do people who celebrate Christmas delight in partaking of the fruit of Christmas without ever examining the roots of Christmas?

20. Why is giving, tithes and offerings one of the major themes of messages preached in January?

21. Why don’t more pastors teach the truth about Christmas?

22. What does Christmas mean to the Almighty?

23. What are immediate and/or long-term implications for celebrating Christmas on children and adults?

24. Apart from spiritual discernment, do I have the heart to say no to Christmas when everything about it defies common sense?

25. Do I love the Most High more than man and the traditions of man?

These are just 25 question about Christmas that I can think of. If you have others, please share them in the comments below.

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