18 Month Bible Reading Plan

I am so glad that you are viewing the resources for the 18 Month Bible Reading plan on the Revelation for Living website. Whether your first time reading through the entire Bible or your fiftieth or more, it is my sincere prayer that you will find helpful items here.

The first resource that I have posted are trackers for each month of the Bible reading plan. The trackers are titled by the number of the month of the plan (Month 1, Month 2, etc.). They are a convenient place to indicate your progress of reading through the whole Bible.

I purposely did not connect the months in these Bible reading trackers to the names of the 12 months on the Gregorian calendar (January, February, etc.). This is for two main reasons.

First Reason

Perhaps many previous attempts to use a Bible reading plan were not completed. You, like me, enthusiastically began to read the Bible in a year, only to feel that we have failed for not keeping up or completing it in the allotted time. Let me just tell you this. You have not failed. Any reading of Yah’s Word that we do is counted as success in my opinion.

However, now you are contemplating using a reading plan to try again. Hopefully, this Bible reading plan will help to create a separation between the previous attempts which were connected to the Gregorian months, January to December. This 18 Month Bible reading Plan has a longer time frame and is a fresh start.

Second Reason

Any month of the year can be your Month 1 with this Bible reading plan. This plan begins with reading the Books of Genesis and John in Month 1. If you decide to begin reading the Bible in August, on most reading plans, you will not begin at Genesis. You may be reading in the book of Judges or Jeremiah for example. Starting with these books could be intimidating, especially if you are a beginner in reading the whole Bible.

With this plan, you won’t feel compelled to wait until January to begin your first month. Your first month could be March, June, August or any other month. Whenever you begin Month 1, you will always start at the beginning of the Old Testament and the New Testament.

I included a place to write the date at the top of each month’s page for keeping a record of when you began a month of reading. At the bottom of the page is space to write the date that you completed each month. If you cycle through this reading plan repeatedly, you can compare the dates that you have completed the months from year to year.

This is an 18 month Bible reading plan, but don’t let the time frame intimidate you. You really could extend the time that you need to read through the entire Bible. Let’s say that you begin Month 1 but days 20, 21 and 22 you are not able to read.

When you return to reading the Bible, you can just keep reading at Day 20 even if it’s not the 20th day on the calendar. It’s okay. Everyone’s life is different. We can’t expect to all uniformly complete a Bible reading plan in the same amount of time. This is not to say that we should loosely forego the discipline of regularly reading Yah’s Word.

The Order of This Bible Reading Plan

I chose the order of reading for a variety of reasons. Sometimes books are paired, because they shared some similar themes. For instance, Genesis and John are paired in month 1, because they both begin with the theme of our eternal Creator who was in the beginning and is the beginning of everything.

Another example is Proverbs and James. These books are read in the same month because they both show practical ways to walk out Yah’s commandments in our daily life.

Also, note that the order of reading does not always follow the order in the Bible. Sometimes it does. The books in the Bible are not compiled chronologically according to the time that they were written. This reading plan is also not in chronological order.

I really had the beginning reader in mind when deciding which books to pair together and when to read them. Working primarily with the themes of the books, will hopefully help to see connections when reading.

For instance, some beginning readers may get bogged down in Leviticus, get frustrated and quit reading because of this. By pairing Leviticus, Hebrews and Romans, perhaps the connections between the sacrificial system described in Leviticus and Yahusha as the final sacrifice and High Priest who abolished the law of the Levitical priesthood system can be seen. Thus making the reading more accessible.

The grouping of the books by theme is not the case in every month as far as I can tell. However, you may discover connections that I did not see. This is part of the beauty of Yah’s living Word.

I plan to add more resources to the Bible Reading plan pages of this website. So check back often. Or better yet, use one of the newsletter sign up forms on this website to be notified when I update the pages.

Enjoy using the trackers. It is summer 2020 when I am writing this. As we go along, if you have suggestions for the trackers, please feel free to leave them below. I welcome suggestions that I am able to implement.

2 thoughts on “18 Month Bible Reading Plan”

  1. Thank you.
    I’ve done the Bible in a year before – in 2019, I think. For the first time ever I made it. It was exhilarating but…
    It was well put together and I am grateful for the order but it was too much at once.
    This year, 2020, I didn’t dare. But I’ve missed it. Going through the bible with such intention, that is.
    And so I sat with the Holy spirit this morning and thought, “maybe someone has figured out a flexible 18 month study – and not one that just goes chronologically too.
    I’ve been looking for something more sustainable…

    I like the way you speak HIS names in Hebrew too. I have no clue but I find it beautiful. Are you Jewish? I recently read a book that mentioned messianic synagogues and it captivated me.
    Anyway, It’s honor to have stumbled on here.
    May the LORD bless you indeed

    1. Shalom Chi,

      “Going through the Bible with such intention” is a great way to describe the benefit of using a Bible reading plan. I have tried to read the Bible without one and always kind of just floundered. Though, I’ve used a 12 month reading plan off and on for many years, I can’t recall ever finishing in the 1 year time frame.

      I put together this reading plan to alleviate the pressure that comes with trying to read over 31,000 Bible verses in 12 months.

      I’m so glad that the 18 Month Bible Reading is the resource that you were asking Abba to provide. He is such a present help!

      All who come to the Father through the blood of the Messiah are engrafted into Israel (Gal. 3:7-9; Eph. 2:11-22).

      Thank you for visiting the website.

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