18 Month Bible Reading Plan Month 2 Day 30 Acts 27 Acts 28

Acts 27 Observations

Acts 27 :9 This is reference to the Day of Atonements, another feast/set/appointed time of YAHUAH, the Creator.

Acts 27:21-25 YAHUAH spoke to Paul through one of His angels. He gave Paul a sure word. Yet, Paul notably spoke in verse 25 that he believes Elohim. We must also believe to receive. Yet belief is more that just mental assent. We must act like we believe to receive from YAH. I think James 1:6-7 also applies to this.

Also, the angel specifically told Paul to not fear. Then Paul told everyone on the ship to “be of good cheer.” Good cheer (i.e. praises and thanksgiving to YAH in the context of covenant) vanquishes fear, the enemy of faith.

Acts 28 Observations

Acts 28:3-6 Human nature is human nature, whether today in the 21st century or in the 1st century on this island of Melita. We are no different from the people on that island in Acts 28. When we don’t know Truth, we just make stuff up.

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