18 Month Bible Reading Plan Month 2 Day 15 Exodus 21 Exodus 22 Acts 10

Exodus 21 Observations


Exodus 22 Observations

Exodus 22:31 Throughout Scripture, YAH does not show high regard for dogs. Should His people have the same regard? Just asking. Question: Were animals, clean or unclean, ever kept by the Hebrew people inside their living quarters? Perhaps, they kept a few clean animals in proximity, maybe even in a courtyard area. But I just can’t imagine our righteous fathers Abraham, Isaac and Jacob allowing little lambs on their beds inside their tent. I can’t imagine Sarah, Rebekkah, Rachel or Leah allowing cats and dogs to roam around in their area that would be equivalent to a kitchen today. I’m just sayin’. Not popular sayin’, I know. But something to ponder.

I also might add that I like dogs, but just not a fan of them being kept inside a house.

Acts 10 Observations

Acts 10:34-35 Many reading this have heard verse 34 quoted. But how many of us have been taught that there is a condition attached to verse 34. Elohim is no “respecter of persons” to a specific group of people. Verse 35 tells us who they are: 1) They are in every nation. 2) They fear Elohim. 3) They work righteousness. These are the ones who Elohim accepts regardless of ethnic background.

Acts 10:38 This shows that YAHUSHA, himself, performed, walked in, demonstrated the conditions Peter proclaimed in verse 35. He went about doing good and he healed all that were oppressed of the devil.

Acts 10:43 Believe in YAHUSHA to receive remission of sins.


Please, please comment below if you see ANYTHING that is contrary to Scripture that I have presented in these Scripture Observations. I want Truth and when I see that I have made a mistake, I want to correct that. No chips on my shoulders here.

I also ask one thing, though. Please, please present your thoughts in the context of two or three Scripture references, not just one (see Deuteronomy 17:6; Matthew 18:16; 2 Corinthians 13:1). One verse (especially one verse out of context) will not be received as evidence. I am just not one to interpret Scripture or accept other’s interpretation of Scripture apart from the written Word of YAH found in the whole counsel of His written Word.

I try my best to limit the use of the precursor words of “I think” or “I believe” without Scripture to back up my “I thinks” and “I believes.” Not only on this site, but be on the lookout anywhere else for excessive “I think” and “I believe” statements presented as Truth, with no Scriptural evidence to back up the statements.

The written Word of YAHUAH is the standard, the vanguard against deception which as you know is quite rampant these days.

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