18 Month Bible Reading Plan: Month 1 Day 5 Genesis 5, 6 and John 5

Genesis 5 Observations

Genesis 5 The generations of man. An interesting study would be to look up the meaning of the names of the individuals in the genealogy. When doing the Bible readings for the Youtube channel, I use a little book called, The Self-Pronouncing Bible Dictionary. It gives the pronunciation of the name that is in the Bible along with the meaning in parentheses and who the person was in the Bible. For example, Adam means, “red, earth” and Adam’s third son, Seth’s name means “pay” according to this resource. 

Other examples from Genesis 5 of name meanings:



Mahalaleel=Elohim’s praise

This little book was published in 1901 by A.J. Holman & Co. So, it is no longer available new, but used copies are available.  

Genesis 6 Observations

Genesis 6 YAHUAH is the Righteous Judge. He judged the deeds of men on the earth—both the wicked and the righteous (Noah).

Genesis 6:8 “But Noah found grace (Strong’s H2580) in the eyes of YAHUAH.”  But Noah found FAVOR, KINDNESS in the eyes of YAHUAH.

John 5 Observations

John 5:22 All judgment is committed to YAHUSHA. Judgment is by the Torah, the Law of YAHUAH. YAHUSHA is Torah made flesh. Paul said in Romans 2:12:

For as many as have sinned without law shall also perish without law: and as many as have sinned in the law shall be judged by the law;

John 5:23 Could this verse also be seen to read that all men should honor (obey) YAH’s righteous Law, since YAHUAH is the Torah made flesh (John 1:14). Therefore, to honor the Father is to honor His Law. To honor Him is to love Him. (John 14:15)

John 5:39 Some believe and teach that we are to only obey the commandments of the Messiah—that only what he said to do remains valid for “New Testament” believers. When YAHUSHA said here in John 5:39 to search the Scriptures that testify of Him, he was not speaking of the New Testament writings. The New Testament was not written when YAHUSHA spoke these words. If the belief is that we should only obey what YAHUSHA taught, then here in John 5:39, he commanded to search the Old Testament Scriptures and of course searching them is not for more information, but for the purpose of righteous application to our lives.


Please, please comment below if you see ANYTHING that is contrary to Scripture that I have presented in these Scripture Observations. I want Truth and when I see that I have made a mistake, I want to correct that. No chips on my shoulders here.

I also ask one thing, though. Please, please present your thoughts in the context of two or three Scripture references, not just one (see Deuteronomy 17:6; Matthew 18:16; 2 Corinthians 13:1). One verse (especially one verse out of context) will not be received as evidence. I am just not one to interpret Scripture or accept other’s interpretation of Scripture apart from the written Word of YAH found in the whole counsel of His written Word.

I try my best to limit the use of the precursor words of “I think” or “I believe” without Scripture to back up my “I thinks” and “I believes.” Not only on this site, but be on the lookout anywhere else for excessive “I think” and “I believe” statements presented as Truth, with no Scriptural evidence to back up the statements.

The written Word of YAHUAH is the standard, the vanguard against deception which as you know is quite rampant these days.

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