18 Month Bible Reading Plan: Month 1 Day 29 Genesis 48 and John 20

Genesis 48 Observations

Genesis 48:18-19 Jacob gave to Joseph’s sons what permeated his whole being. He too was the younger that exceeded his older brother Esau. His father Isaac was the younger son who exceeded his older brother Ishmael. Joseph was of the younger sons who excelled above his older brothers.

Does this pattern hold true in Abraham’s lineage? I know that his brother’s name was Haran. Was he older or younger?

I wonder if or how much this pattern plays out in families today? In the 12 tribes scattered throughout the nations (even as they are oblivious that they carry the physical DNA of Abraham), I wonder if this pattern plays out in their families even though they don’t know who they are.

John 20 Observations

John 20:1, 19 A case for a day not beginning at evening. How can this be the same day as in verse 1 if a day begins in the evening? 

John 20:2, 8, 9  Information/facts without the truth of YAH’s Word leaves room for fear to drive our perceptions and perspectives.

The truth, indeed, was that YAHUSHA was no longer in the sepulcher (vs. 2). However, because they did not know the Scripture that YAHUSHA would rise from the dead (vs. 9), fear was free to take over and lead them to believe the opinion in Mary Magdalene’s report that their enemies had stolen YAHUSHA’s body from the grave. 

John 20:27 It takes faith to believe even when presented with strong, visual evidence. Today, I see this verse contains a great mystery about faith. “O, faithless and perverse generation…” 

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