18 Month Bible Reading Plan: Month 1 Day 27 Genesis 45 and John 18

Genesis 45 Observations

John 18 Observations

John 18:6
YAHUSHA did nothing but speak and the band of men and officers from the chief priest fell backward. This shows a powerful principle. Notice YAHUSHA’s first words of his response to his own question. Before, his complete answer, “I am he” came the words, “I AM.”

His words embodied who he is (The Great I AM) and they also contained his purpose. In YAHUSHA’s words was the full force of himself and what he came to do. His words were so full that his opposition could not stand under the weight, the heaviness, the glory of them. Treachery could do nothing but fall backward.

This was because his words were full of singlemindedness. James 1:8 says that a doubleminded man is unstable in all his ways. In verse six, he showed what this looks like. He said, “…he that wavereth is like a wave of the sea driven with the wind and tossed.”

There was no wavering on the Messiah’s part. He stood flat-footed and declared, “I AM he.” He was not confident in himself, but in the empowerment of YAHUAH to be what he is.

Notice that I didn’t say who he was (past), but he is (present) and continues to be. What YAHUSHA did amongst Judah, was the weight of His declaration. He healed the sick. He raised the dead. He opened blind eyes. He loosed those who were bound. He taught and did the Law of YAHUAH. We, today, continue to benefit from the ministry of our Messiah.

All his actions agreed with prophesy. Had YAHUSHA said, “I AM he,” in the face of his adversaries and not had the weight of His actions, those men probably would not have been affected as they were.

The same is true for us in any area. Let’s say that someone is asked, “Are you a good student in school?” And they answer, “Yes, I am.” But, in reality they don’t pay attention in class. In fact, they act out and distract others from learning. They don’t do their homework.

If they’re in college, all they do is party and hang out with their friends. Therefore, when they said, “Yes, I am a good student,” their words carried no weight. And their “adversaries” (so to speak) came in the form of tests. Instead of their tests falling backward under the weight of their preparation, they failed (fell) before the tests every time.

This principle can be applied to many other areas of life:
Good or Great Friend.
Good or Great Parents.
Good or Great Businessperson.
Good or Great Cook.
Good or Great Neighbor.
Good or Great _______.

In the garden of his betrayal, YAHUSHA’s test came in the form of crucifixion. We all know that he passed with flying colors. The adversary could in no way stand in the presence of Messiah’s action-backed, agreement-filled words that he demonstrated throughout his sojourn on earth.

My question to us (you and me) is what are we doing that aligns with what we are created by YAH to do? If our actions are not in agreement with who we say we are, then our words are empty.

And as always, I write to myself first. I have in no way arrived.

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