Get the 18 Month Bible Reading Plan Trackers.

This free printable resource will help you keep track of your progress as you read through the whole Bible.

You will receive balanced reading plan that includes both the Old and New Testaments of the Bible.

These flexible reading trackers can be used according to your daily Bible reading schedule.

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    Sabbath Day Revelation: Spiritual Songs

    Speaking to yourselves in psalms and hymns and spiritual songs, singing and making melody in your heart to the Master; Ephesians 5:19 This Sabbath Day, I engaged in intense prayer. During that time, a wonderful spiritual song came forth concerning

    ABCs of the First Passover and Unleavened Bread

    Passover and Unleavened Bread are a little over one month away at the time of this publication. I greatly anticipate these two Feasts of YAHUAH in His yearly appointed times. Before the arrival of each of the Feast Days of

    18 Month Bible Reading Plan Month 6 Day 10 Joshua 24 Judges 1

    Joshua 24 Observations Joshua 24:7 How could most of their eyes have seen the mighty works of YAHUAH in Egypt, lest their parents kept YAH’s greatness and faithfulness before the “eyes” of their children by retelling and rehearsing the wonderous works

    18 Month Bible Reading Plan Month 6 Day 9 Joshua 21, 22, 23

    Joshua 22 Observations Joshua 22:24 They built their altar out of fear… hmmm. Joshua 23 Observations Joshua 23:3 YAHUAH fights for us. Joshuah 23:6 “To Keep” = to guard = to obey. Joshua 23:6-13 YAH’s fighting for his people is conditional.

    18 Month Bible Reading Plan: Month 1 Day 4

    Genesis 4 Observations Genesis 4:13-15 YAHUAH is merciful.   John 4 Observations  John 4:4 We can see that the woman of Samaria in John 4 was clearly a seeker of truth, though she had gotten off track. Perhaps her desire

    18 Month Bible Reading Plan: Month 1 Day 9 Genesis 13 and 14

    Genesis 13 Observations Genesis 13 Who is YAHUAH? Genesis 13:17 Arise = H6965   and        Walk=H1980 Genesis 14 Observations Genesis 14:15 Abraham smote them by night. Much warfare takes place at night where the enemy prefers to work under the